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Spring Festival Evening Party

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2009 spring festival party of Yuehua company come off at Hongmofang Hall of Royal Silver Ocean Hotel on 8 o'clock on 15th,January.There many balloons,colorful cinctures,lanterns and congratulation words around the conncil house and make this evening full of feast ambience.In the effect of the international finance crisis and the economy stagnation,the party topic is “ side-by-side ,heart-by-heart , hand-in-hand and marching toward 2009”, which can pop out the comity and constancy between leader and the employee of Yuehua company.

Under the sound of the salute,the spring festival party have been undrawed prelude. After the emcee looked back some carry weight circs which have happened in 2008,both the general manager Mr.Huang and the production department manager Mr.Mo comed out with a new year oration,they were admiration what we have gained in the past year and thanks the material supplier gived us so much support. But in the impact of the finance crisis,they appealed all of the employee should comity and active, we should confidence on 2009 when we face the finance crisis.

The party divide into 3 parts: 1. Commend excellent individual and department who works industriously for the company in the past year. 2. The wonderful programs from each department are full of innovation ,such as dances , opusculums , fashion shows , songs. They weared gorgeous clothing and sometimes they humor sculpt will win a good many applause from the audiences. Finally,according to the how many score from commissioner assess the award and bonus. 3. Abundant raffle prizes. The prizes more than 100 pcs ,including in a cash prize, various types of electrical appliances prizes. During the lottery action, the party was reach climax, people stared at their hands Lotteries ticket with nervous and excited, fearing to miss a number for each announce by the emcee.

How time flies,the party was end with harmonious and happy atmosphere , let wish the cattle year is become more better!


Family Reunion Dinner
Outstanding achievement award
Excellent Department award
Excellent Manager award
Excellent Deputy Manager
Excellent Director from Production Dept
Excellent production team
Sketch from warehouse Dept
The chorus
Sketch from Design Dept

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